Who Has The Right To Govern – 5th Sunday in Lent / Passion Sunday – Dr. Steven Rutt

The scripture readings this week are from:

Isaiah 1:10-20

Psalm 51

Hebrews 9:11-15

John 8:46-59

Rev. Dr. Steven Rutt, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Director, Master of Arts in Theology, Worldview, and Culture at Arizona Christian University. Dr. Steven Rutt has forty-five years of experience as a pastor, church planter, missionary, and international teacher in biblical, theological, and intercultural studies within fourteen countries. He has taught at undergraduate and graduate theological colleges and seminaries in New Zealand, Lithuania, England, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Arizona. He served as an external professor for a Ph.D. candidate from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (North Carolina). Read More

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